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I have found an easier way to clean makeup brushes! These makeup brush cleaning gloves have been around for some time but I have been cleaning my brushes by hand for over ten years and didn’t think it was necessary until my brush collection became larger and larger since then I have noticed it’s taking longer and longer to clean them of course!

This is one of those items I have put in and out of my cart! I finally decided to give it a try after seeing this one from Elf with seemingly consistent great reviews and ratings! I have to agree with the majority this is a great brush cleaning glove.

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I enjoyed that there are 3 different textures. The larger dots were great for larger brushes, foundation brushes, powder and blush. The middle was great to clean horizontally for maximum debris lift, to straighten brush hairs and finally the small fine texture was great for smaller brushes with the least amount of density.

But what about the two slots on the bottom? The larger one is great for small-medium brush shaping. The smaller one I had no use for unfortunately. The packaging says that you can hold the brushes to dry but that wasn’t happening so it’s probably the only useless feature on this product in my opinion.

Compare to similar makeup brush cleaners

My favorite brush cleanser!

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